The Mummers & Jason Kelce Costume Connection

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Before the Eagles Super Bowl Parade even started in earnest, Jamie Apody, sports reporter 6abc Action News, snapped an amazing photo of Eagles center Jason Kelce in full Mummers costume.

For the serious Mummers Aficionados the next natural question was, What Mummers Band did Jason Kelce get the costume from?  Since PHL17 has carried the Mummers for over quarter of a century, we can say on good authority Jason Kelce is wearing an Avalon String Band Costume from 2008.

Kelce is connected to Avalon via Libby Coyle who cuts Kelce’s hair and Libby’s husband is in Avalon.   Avalon went through their storage of costumes and found  a “large one” from their 2008 performance of “Ire-land of Leprechauns”.  This particular costume was worn by Jim “Big Smooth” Crompton during the 2008 New Year’s day performance. ( Big thanks to  Avalon Captain Carmen Maniaci for tracking down the information.)

In the process Kelce combined two Philadelphia Institutions and solidified his LEGEND status forever.  Go Birds.

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