Ryan Radcliffe – Captain of Uptown String Band

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We are all anxiously awaiting Wednesday’s 2014 Sugarhouse Casino Mummers Parade.

I got to speak to Ryan Radcliffe, captain of Uptown String Band, who spent this past weekend the same way the rest of the mummers did, busy conducting last minute rehearsals.

Radcliffe, a 42 year old artist and interior designer from Newtown, Bucks County, has been a Mummer since he was a kid. Ryan likens his role as captain of the Uptown String Band to that of ring master in a circus. Not only does he see himself as a leader, he also sees himself as a dancer, entertainer and a coach.  Radcliffe loves being a part of the rich history that is the Mummers. He loves the members of his string band, and how he grew up with them.

Demonstrating qualities of a true leader, Radcliffe stepped aside and and let the co-captain take over after the sudden departure of a key saxophone player last week. He knew he had to go where he was most needed.

Ryan demonstrates the true spirit of the Mummers and shows that leading sometimes means letting others shine!

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