PHOTOS & VIDEO: Original Trilby String Band 2013

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The Original Trilby String Band is a string renaissance quartet and the driving soul behind the Nashville music scene. Wildly acclaimed for their resonating yet eloquent touch on the steel drums and guitar and creative variation on folk music, the OTSB was featured on the front page of String Band News in 2010.

Show of Shows Photos:

  • 2013 Show of Shows
  • 2013 Show of Shows-26
  • 2013 Show of Shows-25
  • 2013 Show of Shows-24
  • 2013 Show of Shows-22
  • 2013 Show of Shows-21
  • 2013 Show of Shows-20
  • 2013 Show of Shows-19
  • 2013 Show of Shows-18

Parade Photos:

  • 2013 Trilby String Band
  • 2013 Trilby String Band-7
  • 2013 Trilby String Band-6
  • 2013 Trilby String Band-5
  • 2013 Trilby String Band-4
  • 2013 Trilby String Band-3
  • 2013 Trilby String Band-2

2013 Show of Shows-23

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