PHOTO & VIDEO: 2014 Peter A Broomall String Band

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The Peter A. Broomall String Band was founded by Peter A. Broomall in 1930, making it one of the oldest string bands in existence today. Led by Captain Peter Broomall Sr., The Broomall string band is truly a family affair with some of the original founder’s descendants still performing today. This talented group of performers put on an elaborate show that would make their ancestors proud!

2014 Theme Concept:

This year’s 2014 theme “Camping is in Tents” was one of the Peter A. Broomall String Band’s most creative and fun! The performance took the audience on a journey back to summer camp. The Park Ranger, Captain Broomall, began by waking the campers with the sound of Reveille. They emerged from their tents to the sound of such camp classics as “Hello Mother, Hello Father”. The performance included fluffy marshmallows, row boats, and dancing bears that all came together to give the crowd a feeling of in the woods whimsical fun!

2014 Broomall String Band