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Thanks for a great 2022 Mummers Parade Philadelphia! From all your friends at PHL17, myself included it’s been our pleasure to bring this parade to the people of Philadelphia since 1993. Huge shout out to my colleagues in the PHL17 News Department, for their part in truly making the parade a something special on air and of course all my colleagues in Sales, Engineering, Traffic and Creative Services that help serve this parade on air, web and mobile.

Below you will find all the links to every photo and video we took for the 2022 Mummers Parade and random other Mummers Goodies like results, archives that go back over a decade for each brigade, string band, fancy, comic, wench and fancy brigade, mummers results and more.

My role for the Mummers Parade at PHL17 is to oversee all the digital elements of the parade including the photos, videos ,archives, social media and web stream. I am most proud of the latter and with the help of the PHL17 “Stream Team.” We get this parade out to people that care about Mummers in all 50 States and 100 countries. I’m an NJ person, but my families roots go back to South Philadelphia, (11th and Christian) and even though I myself did not grow up in the hobby, generations before me did. I take a great pride taking getting the product my friends at the station put on air– onto web and social. This parade means a lot to people all over the city and all over the world, so, for them we work very hard and thank you all for watching.

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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