Kristella Pifkowski a Young Mother Mummer

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The Mummers are still very busy preparing and are, no doubt, excitedly awaiting  the opportunity to entertain us all in the 2014 Sugarhouse Casino Mummers Parade!
I got to sit down with one such entertainer, Kristella Pifkowski. Pifkowski is a 27 year old violin player in the Hegeman String Band. Pifkowski was born into the Mummers family, and has participated since she was an infant. Pifkowski told me that her Mummers family tradition started with her grandfather who was a member of the Polish American String Band in the 1940’s.
Pifkowski believes that the Mummers are all about making people smile on New Year’s Day. She approaches her job as a bartender at the Sugarhouse Casino with the same enthusiasm. Pilkowski, now a young mother herself, is all about making people happy. Many of Pifkowski’s co-workers at the Sugarhouse Casino share her outlook, and are also part of the Mummers family.

This years mummers parade is sure to put a smile on the faces of all those who watch and participate. How could it not with people like Pifkowski working so hard to make sure we all have a great time!

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