Holy Rollers strut as Teenage Mutant Ninja Mummers

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For many, the Mummer’s tradition starts early in life. This holds true for The Holy Rollers, a Comic Brigade in the Murray Comic Club, whose members range from the very young to the young at heart! The Holly Rollers takes off this New Year’s Day with a little help from the ever versatile can of spray paint. In the past, this very creative Comic Brigade has dressed up and strutted as  the band “KISS” and “The Three Musketeers”. This New Year’s Day they will entertain the masses dressed as the “Ninja Turtles”!

Andreas and Courtney Williams, both 29, are the parents of 5 and half month old triplets. These gorgeous triplets hold the distinction of being the youngest members of the Holly Rollers this year. Mr. Williams is captain of the brigade and believes it’s good to incorporate your children in this beloved New Years Day tradition as early as possible.  Williams plans to initiate his daughters into the brigade by presenting them each with a pair of golden slippers. He considers this initiation a rite of passage.

The clubs logo is a dice with a cross. The Holly Rollers, like so many other brigades are more than partially comprised of family members. Williams tells us that their headquarters is located at his Aunt Joanne’s house!

The Williams triplets are, no doubt, anxiously awaiting their golden slippers and will be strutting their stuff as orange, blue and red Ninja  Turtles. These beautiful babies promise, to be the highlight of this years Holy Rollers performance!

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