Getting Hyped for the Mummers Parade with the Quaker City Captain

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The Quaker City String Band has been a force to be reckoned with in the Mummers Parade for over a decade, placing either first or second in their category for the past 15 years. We were happy to welcome newly appointed captain Jimmy Good to Eye Opener this morning, and he took on more than he bargained for as he co-anchored the weather!

Jimmy’s family has a long history of involvement with Quaker City and the larger string community. His father, Martin Good, plays the tenor saxophone and serves as president of the String Band Association, representing all 18 Mummers String Bands. His brothers, Martin and Scott, play drums and alto sax, respectively. Jimmy himself takes after his father, also playing tenor sax. Jimmy’s grandfather was a banjo player in Quaker City, of which he was a member for an amazing 50 years before his death.

According to Jimmy, the Band has its eye on the prize this New Year’s Day, after placing second in 2013 with their Native American-themed performance. This year, Quaker City adopts the theme “California here we come,” an ode to the gold mining era. Jimmy says they’re going for the “wow factor,” so be sure to keep an eye out on Eye Opener for full coverage of the festivities, January 1, 2014, beginning at 8 a.m. on PHL-17. Take a look at the clip!

*And while you’re here, check out Jimmy and I cohosting the weather in true Mummers fashion!*

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