Aqua String Band prepares for their 97th Mummers Parade

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The Aqua String Band has been performing in the SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade for nearly a century and have never missed a parade. Take a look back at their 97 year history…

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In the Bridesburg section of the city, the Aqua String Band has spent all year planning their routine for the 2017 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade. They are one of the oldest and the smallest of the string bands performing.

Third year Aqua Captain, Ken Maminsky, says this year the band will perform theme  'Mine Blown!' where they will be miners going inside a mine to find gems.

Aqua String Band started on April 1st 1920.  "The band was started in the raging prohibition era, and the band was named Aqua as a  tongue-in-cheek reference to prohibition, as though instead of coming down to the club to drink beer, they're coming to drink 'aqua.'' Says  band member, Dennis McGee.

Still holding the record for the highest score at the mummers parade, Aqua String Band is ready for 2017.

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