A Look at The Avenuers Fancy Brigade

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Hey everyone.  It’s that time of year again!  I will be reporting on the excitement, non-stop action, and vibrant colors of the Avenuers Fancy Brigade.

The Avenuers Fancy Brigade is comprised mainly of family. Over half of the brigade is related in some way to one another. Everyone, from the grandparents to the tiniest members of this family gets in on the action. The Avenuers are a true Mummer’s organization!

Bob Fitzmaurice, captain of this Brigade says, this years Polynesian Adventure incorporates the fastest movement he has seen in 26 years. Fitzmaurice describes preparation as a year of sweat,and hard work through planning. Fitzmaurice believes, it is the people that make up the Avenuers that make the tough work so worthwhile.

I also got to speak to Melissa Carfango. Carfango is five months pregnant and says she will be dancing for two on New Year’s Day. Carfango is willing to put up with the occasional shortness of breathe that dancing while pregnant can produce, to have her child become part of the Mummers tradition even before he or she is born!

Make sure to watch the Avenuers this New Year’s Day and keep their family-oriented Mummer tradition strong!

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