It’s that time of year when we start to get ready for the Mummers Parade! For those unable to view the broadcast on PHL17, the 2022 Philadelphia Mummers Parade will begin streaming right here on at 9am. Here is the Order of March, or as Steve Highsmith Mummers Hall of Famer calls it, “The Order of Enjoyment!” Happy New Year.

*Info in this doc is subject to change. Thanks for your patience.

Fancy Division – This is the division that begins the parade and while the main club is called Golden Sunrise there are other smaller performances as follows.

  1. Captain Category – Mike Rubilllo
  2. Handsome Costume Category – Brian Creamer
  3. King Clown Category – Mark Drais
  4. Special Mention Category – Joe “Sigi” Juliano
  5. Handsome Costume Category – Jenn Hensell
  6. Special Mention Category – Aidan Anderson
  7. Special Mention Category – Fatzinger and Neu Families
  8. King Jockey Catergory – Corey Rasmussen
  9. Special Mention Category – Jessica DiPonziano
  10. Fancy Trio Category – Walter Higgins, Kurt & Kyle Schmek
  11. Special Mention Category – Colleen Graham
  12. Handsome Costume Category – Joe Bongard
  13. Special Mention Category – Maddie & Shannon Cooney
  14. Special Mention Category – Vince Cooney
  15. King Jockey Category – Lenny Peters
  16. Special Mention Category – Jake Carwile
  17. Special Mention Category – Joe Carwile
  18. Handsome Trim Category – Mike Carwile
  19. Special Mention Category – Jacky Bam Bam
  20. Special Mention Category – Feeney and Friends Group
  21. Special Mention Category – Brian
  22. King Clown Category – Bill, Mike, Domonique Doyle

Wench Division makes up the next portion of the Mummers Parade. The Wenches are an offshoot of the Comic Division and have 100s, sometimes even 1000 costumed New Year’s Day revelers all in the same costumes and themes. Props often include wigs, umbrellas, satin suits and of course golden slippers, (Usually spray painted sneakers!).

  1. O’Malley Wench Brigade
  2. Pirates Wench Brigade
  3. Americans Wench Brigade
  4. Saints Wench Brigade
  5. Cara Liom Wench Brigade
  6. Oregon Wench Brigade
  7. Bryson Wench Brigade
  8. Riverfront Wench Brigade
  9. Froggy Carr Wench Brigade

Comic Division is the next part of the parade. There are three mother clubs in the comic division with smaller clubs in each. The performances range from imaginative homage, biting satire and any and everything in between.

  1. Goodtimers Comic Club
  • Southside Shooters NYA – Captain Joe D’Urso
  • Captain Augustine Dibernardo
  • Pinelands Mummers – Captain Brian Corry, Jr
  • Happy Tappers – Captain Danny Smith
  • Jokers Wild NYB – Captain Pete Conches, Jr
  • Hog Island – Captain William Buggey
  • 2 Street Stompers – Stephen Young & Tom Young
  • Lobster Club – Captain Justin Myers
  • Jolly Jolly Comics NYB – Captains Rich & Charlotte Jolly
  • Finnegans NYB – Mike Inemer, Sr
  1. Landi Comic Club
  • Captain Gene Foschini
  • Mayfair Mummers – Captain Ross Reinhold
  • Philadelphia Pranking Authority – Captain Chris Cozine, Elizabeth Fiend and Sal Patrone
  • Barrels Brigade – Captains Chuck Tomasco, Gary Bibart, Mike Franco
  • The Jacks Brigade – Captain Steven Leuzzi Jr
  1. Murray Comic Club
  • Club Captain Dennis Pellegrino
  • Porco’s Pride
  • Holy Rollers NYB – Captain Andreas Williams
  • Merry Makers NYB – Captain Brendan O’Callaghan
  • Fitzwater NYB – Captains John Paul Karvell and Rob Karvell
  • Misfits NYB – Captain Billy Ciampetti
  • Wild Rovers – Captain Shannon Ames
  • B Love Strutters NYB – Captain Bud Emig
  • Funny Bonz NYB – Captain Anthony Iannacone
  • Fiasco NYB – Captain Ryan Boland
  • Vaudevillians – Captains Al San Valentin, Melissa MacNair, Kahn Miller
  • Venetians NYA – Captain Rusty Lorenzon
  • Mollywompers – Captain Phil DiDonato
  • Madhatters NYB – Captain Al Milone and Rob Buckley
  • MGK Outsiders – Captain Julien Daniels
  • Trama NYB – Captain Bobby Trama
  • Golden Slipper NYB – Captain Anthony Mazzone and Chris Moscatelli

String Band Division

  1. Woodland String Band Theme: “Woodland Goes to Rio” – Captain George Balzer
  2. Avalon String Band Theme: “Jungle Spirit” -Bobby Gagliardi
  3. Uptown String Band Theme:”Better Maize Ahead” – Captain Stephen Caldwell
  4. Ferko String Band Theme:”Mardi Gras” – Captain Anthony Celenza
  5. Duffy String Band Theme:”It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia” – Captain Jake Kudrick
  6. South Philadelphia String Band Theme:”Circus Space-Tacular” – Captain Denny Palandro
  7. Jersey String Band Theme:”Jersey’s Shore Glad to Sea You” – Captain Pat Walton
  8. Aqua String Band Theme:”Riverboat Krewes” – Captain Ken Maminski
  9. Fralinger String Band Theme:”Orchestration Station” – Captain Brad Bowen
  10. Quaker City String Band Theme:”Getting the Band Back Together” – Captain Jimmy Good
  11. Hegeman String Band / Pennsport String Band Theme:”Mums from Space” – Captain Charlie Nicholas, Jr
  12. Durning String Band Theme:”Band to the Bones” – Captain Joseph Pomante
  13. Greater Kensington String Band Theme:”Wizard’s Awakening” – Captain Shawn Blubaugh
  14. Polish American String Band Theme:”Clowntown Rodeo” – Captain Nick Magenta

Fancy Brigades

  1. Satin Slipper Fancy Brigade Theme:”Fish Tank Adventures” – Captain Chris Micelli
  2. Avenuers Fancy Brigade Theme:”Beyond Wonderland” – Captain Robert Fitzmaurice
  3. 2nd Street Shooters Fancy Brigade Theme:”Greek Mythology” – Captain Rich Lind
  4. Purple Magic Theme:”Clowning Around” – Captain Mike Orlando Jr
  5. Spartans Fancy Brigade Theme: “A Vivid Festival of Color and Dance” – Captain Drew Averill
  6. South Philly Vikings Fancy Brigade Theme:”It’s Showtime” – Captain Lou Castelli
  7. Jokers Fancy Brigade Theme:”Aztecs” – Captain David Josaphoulitch
  8. Golden Crown Fancy Brigade Theme:”Wonder-Lust” – Captain Bob Runowski
  9. Shooting Stars Fancy Brigade Theme:”Spellbound” – Captain Michael Adams
  10. Downtowners Fancy Brigade Theme: “The Eight Wonder” – Captain Anthony Stagliano
  11. Clevemore Fancy Brigade Theme:”Dreams Behind the Curtain” – Captain Rocco Tursi
  12. Saturnalian Fancy Brigade Theme:”Visions of China Festival of the New Year” – Captain Tom Dougherty

Stay Tuned for more info on the 2022 Mummers Parade!