2020 Mummers Parade Order of March and Themes


Here is the 2020 Mummers Parade order for the various Mummers groups will appear and their theme in the 2020 Mummers Parade. You can click on any group below and be taken to their PHL17 archive for that group that will contain many years of photos and videos. The parade starts at 9am on January 1st, 2020 and will flow as follows.

Fancy Division

  1. Golden Sunrise

Wench Division

  1. Cara Liom Wench Brigade
  2. O’Malley Wench Brigade
  3. Americans Wench Brigade
  4. Pirates Wench Brigade
  5. Riverfront Wench Brigade
  6. Bryson Wench Brigade
  7. Oregon Wench Brigade
  8. Saints Wench Brigade
  9. Froggy Carr Wench Brigade

Comic Division

  1. Murray Comic Club
  2. Goodtimers Comic Club
  3. Landi Comic Club

Fancy Brigades

  1. Golden Crown Fancy Brigade “Spirit of the Sea”
  2. Downtowners Fancy Brigade “Expecto Patronum”
  3. South Philly Vikings Fancy Brigade “A Work of Art”
  4. Shooting Stars Fancy Brigade “Sinbad and the Curse of the Nile”
  5. Avenuers Fancy Brigade “A Dream within a Dream”
  6. Clevemore Fancy Brigade  “A Magical Eve”
  7. Satin Slipper Fancy Brigade “The Island”
  8. 2nd Street Shooters Fancy Brigade “A Mask to Remember”
  9. Jokers Fancy Brigade “The Hollywood Tower Hotel”
  10. Saturnalian Fancy Brigade “Uncharted Africa -The Call of the Wild”
  11. Spartans Fancy Brigade “Battle for Olympus”
  12. Purple Magic “Calm before the Storm”

String Band Division

  1. Jersey String Band “What in Carnation!?!”
  2. Woodland String Band “Caliente en Cuba”
  3. Avalon String Band “Goin’ Down the Bayou”
  4. South Philadelphia String Band “CAROUSPELL”
  5. Fralinger String Band “Lunar Effect”
  6. Quaker City String Band “Awakening”
  7. Ferko String Band “Mums Of Liberty”
  8. Polish American String Band “Sea You on Salmon Street”
  9. Hegeman String Band “A Nation in Celebration”
  10. Uptown String Band “Drop & Give Me 20’s”
  11. Aqua String Band “Paranormal “Track”-tivity”
  12. Duffy String Band “CANDYMONIUM”
  13. Greater Overbrook String Band “Under The Lovely London Sky, A Practically Perfect Poppins Tale”
  14. Pennsport String Band “Jokers Stack The Deck”
  15. Greater Kensington String Band “Something Wicked This Way Mums!”
  16. Durning String Band “¡Viva la Fiesta!”

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