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Everyone talks about wanting to give back to the community but who actually is willing to go into the field and make a difference.

Two women on the frontlines of the opioid epidemic share what they are doing to help those battling addiction and why they are not giving up.  

On the frontlines seeing the realities of the opioid epidemic. That is what two women in Philadelphia are experiencing who are working to combat this epidemic and doing something about it in a big way. One of them is a clinician using her medical background. That’s while the other is drawing on her knowledge about addiction and helping in her own community raising awareness and helping to save lives.

PHL17 In Focus What Every Family Needs To Know About Opioids hosted by PHL17 Anchor and Producer Jennifer Lewis-Hall goes in-depth into what is happening with the opioid epidemic impacting communities all across the United States. Here in Philadelphia its impact is severe. In 2020 alone, the second highest number of overdose deaths were reported on record in Philadelphia with 1,214 people dying. We hear from people in recovery, family members who have lost loved ones, community leaders, health professionals and law enforcement officials. We talk to a panel of experts about the issue and hear about local resources people can turn to for help.

Trauma resources and supports are available to those in need by calling (888) 545-2600. If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, please call (215) 685-6440

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