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On In Focus, PHL17’s longstanding community affairs program airing Saturday, March 27, 2021 at 6:30 a.m. and Sunday, March 28, 2021 at 1 p.m. with Jennifer Lewis-Hall we start today’s program with a focus on the Women Supporting Working Women Campaign which seeks to help women get better wages and raise the minimum wage. We speak with Pennsylvania Democratic State Senator Christine Tartaglione.  She launched the WSWW campaign with State Rep. Patty Kim, First Lady of PA Frances Wolf, Second Lady of PA Gisele Fetterman, and PA House Democratic Leader Joanna McClinton. She says the mission of the campaign is to promote gender equality in the workplace, particularly regarding the gender wage gap. She says that in Pennsylvania, women make just 80 cents for every dollar that men make, based on median wages. She says Senate Bill 12 would raise the Minimum Wage to twelve dollars this year and place Pennsylvania on a path to fifteen dollars in 2027.

Up next on In Focus, Invisible Warriors: African American Women in World War II – a documentary now finished illuminates the contributions of 600,000 African American women – “Rosie the Riveters” –  who helped win World War II. It is the work of a local director Gregory S. Cooke. He joins us to talk about the history of these unsung heroes and how his mother was the inspiration for him to do this years-long project. 

Then all month long PHL17 is showing you stories about the remarkable women that you nominated to be featured here on PHL17. Jennifer Lewis-Hall brings you a story on this week’s finalist. She is a Rowan University professor who is leading by example – doing exceptional work in the community by helping college students excel while also doing research to help communities stay healthy.

And, in our final segment of today’s show we’ve been focusing on the impact of the pandemic on businesses and a key part of that is also the impact on entrepreneurs. We talk with Elizabeth MacBride, Co-Author of the new book – “The New Builders: Face to Face with the True Future of Business.” She shares her insights on where she believes entrepreneurship is headed and why she believes that the future of entrepreneurship will  rely on the success of women.

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