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The East Coast Greenway is a 3,000 mile biking and walking route linking major cities in the United States from Maine to Florida – and is, of course, located right in our Tri-State area.

Twenty-five million people are located within five miles of the route. Also known as the Greenway, it is in fifteen states plus the District of Columbia, including four-hundred and fifty communities. Key to our discussion on In Focus with host, Jennifer Lewis-Hall, is how local residents can use and enjoy the nation’s longest biking and walking route. But, also how the protected route represents a commitment to public health, environmental sustainability, economic development and civic engagement. Joining us from the East Coast Greenway is Daniel Paschall, Mid-Atlantic Coordinator. Lizzie Hessek also joins us from The Pennsylvania Environmental Council and is  Program Manager of Trails & Recreation. Just across the bridge in New Jersey we learn more about The Circuit Trails from Camden County Freeholder Jeff Nash. Nash also introduces us to Camden City’s new innovative dockless bike share program. And, also joining Jennifer are two executives from the Clean Air Council which hosts the annual Earth Day Run For Clean Air. Their organization also does advocacy for trails in our local area. Katie Edwards is the nonprofit’s social media director and Nick Rogers is transportation director. In Focus airs Saturday mornings at 6:30 AM on PHL17.