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This week learn about the new Marian Anderson film, look into a new law spearheaded by PA parents who lost their daughter in a DUI crash, visit the Please Touch Museum and their new exhibit on Muslim Culture, and highlight PHL17 Black History Month moments.

We start with a focus on a premier screening happening in Philadelphia at the Kimmel Center of the film called, “Once In A Hundred Years, The Life and Legacy of Marian Anderson.” Director, Bill Nicoletti joins us to talk about the film which traces Anderson’s life and quest for equality.

And, we follow up with parents who lost their daughter in a DUI crash back in 2014. We share PHL17’s Matt Alba’s story which covers new more severe penalties that have gone into effect for people who repeatedly drive under the influence in Pennsylvania. Matt Alba’s story shares their story and how ACT 153 came into law.

Next up on In Focus, it’s the Please Touch Museum and their new exhibit America to Zanzibar. PHL17’s Khiree Stewart shares how it seeks to teach kids of all backgrounds about Muslim Culture. Project Manager Salima Suswell joins us on set to expand upon the topic and its importance in our local communities.

And, we share our PHL17 Black History Month Moments during In Focus – paying tribute to African Americans with connections to Philadelphia and their tremendous contributions. In Focus is broadcast Saturdays at 6:30 AM to 12:30 PM on PHL17.