We begin a New Year with a focus on resources and mitigation efforts to try and stop the spread of the Coronavirus. States including Pennsylvania and New Jersey are dealing with a surge in COVID cases and hospitalizations. Joining us first today on In Focus is Caryelle Lasher, Assistant Public Health Coordinator for Camden County in New Jersey. Lasher talks about the rise in cases, challenges facing local municipalities and the initiatives they have in place including new COVID testing locations.   

Then, amid the Pandemic, health officials warn that flu cases are on the rise. Dr. Robert Lahita, MD, Ph.D. Director of Saint Joseph Health’s Institute for Autoimmune and Rheumatic Diseases, join us on In Focus. Lahita tells us what to expect this flu season and how to identify better when symptoms may be related to the flu versus COVID. Also, he explains how people can seek to boost their immune systems.  

Up next, many resolutions involve exercising and losing weight. The American Lung Association says quitting smoking is also a big resolution for some Americans. They say fifty-million people in the United States have done so successfully. Deborah Brown, American Lung Association Chief Mission Officer shares some strategies for people trying to quit smoking and says the nonprofit has launched an initiative called – “Tobacco 22.”  

The Mummers Museum in South Philadelphia – the place that houses all Mummers History was hit hard financially after closing its doors because of the Pandemic. The museum visited by numerous countries is accessible to the public recently reopened, and museum staff is hopeful for a comeback in 2022.  

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