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The woman who has said that Republican Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker reimbursed her for an abortion she had in 2009 told The New York Times that Walker also urged her to get a second abortion two years later. 

The Times reported Friday that the woman, who remained anonymous, said she decided to go through with the pregnancy, and that Walker has barely been involved in her son’s life. 

The Daily Beast reported on Monday that Walker reimbursed his then-girlfriend for an abortion, and the woman provided receipts for the procedure she received, the check Walker wrote and a get-well card he sent. 

The outlet later reported that the woman became the mother of one of Walker’s children after she had a child they conceived years later. The woman told the Daily Beast previously that Walker had told her during the second pregnancy that it was not a “convenient” time for her to have child but elaborated to the Times that he urged her to get an abortion again. 

The Times reported that they ended their relationship after she refused to get the procedure again. 

The Hill has reached out to Walker’s campaign for comment. 

Walker has denied the allegations and said he does not know who the woman is.

The former football star has faced accusations of hypocrisy, as he is running against Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) on a platform staunchly opposed to abortion, not supporting any exceptions for rape, incest or protecting the health of the pregnant parent. 

Most polls have shown Walker and Warnock locked in a tight race, with Warnock leading by a couple points on average. The winner of the seat could be key to determining which party controls the majority in the Senate after the November midterm elections.