Philadelphia is getting ready to elect its 100th Mayor and all throughout their campaigns both Mayoral candidates have been breaking through glass ceilings and making history.

If Democratic hopeful, Cherelle Parker were to become Philly’s 100th Mayor, she would be the first African-American woman to hold the position.

If Republican hopeful, David Oh gets the job, he will become the first Asian American mayor and the first Republican to hold the position since 1952.

When asked about the historical nature of his campaign, Oh said, “So the first two (first Asian American and First Republican since 1952) are not important to me, you know, whoever I am is not important to me. What is important to me is that we get a mayor who’s going to turn the city around. What will be historic for me is a mayor who will give ears to our government. So it actually hears the people, listens to the people, and humbles itself to serve the people.”

When Parker was asked about her feelings about her historical mayoral run, she said, “I am pretty numb right now. And when you come from where I come from those humble beginnings, you know. I probably won’t think about it until the polls close and those votes are tallied and I’ve realized that the people have selected me as their 100th. Mayor. I’ll have to reflect on it.”.

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