Philadelphia Mayoral Candidates Cherelle Parker (Democrat) and David Oh (Republican) have one last fight to get votes before Philadelphia chooses their new Mayor tomorrow.

PHL17 had an exclusive interview with both Parker and Oh about their views on public safety.

For Democratic hopeful, Cherelle Parker, her goal is to bring in the National Guard to help Philadelphia’s crime problem.

“I think is really narrow-minded to be quite frank, for many of the constituencies that I’ve heard, simply refer to the National Guard and the only image in their minds is the National Guard holding up their rifles. What they have not thought about is that the National Guard is deployed in issues where there are human disasters. If you remember Hurricane Katrina, the National Guard was deployed there. They helped to distribute view of food. They helped assist medics there. So there are a number of ways that an entity like the National Guard could be deployed.”, said Parker.

For Republican hopeful, David Oh, his goal is to start with the Philadelphia Police Department.

“What I would do as mayor is I will get to a full roster of police. We’re about 1400 police officers short, and we have to hire them and in order to hire them, we have to give them a clear sense of what their mission is a mission that is centered around community policing”, said Oh.

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