Dr Shock, beloved horror host, first hit the WPHL-TV airwaves in 1969. The popularity of that first short run led to three different shows, Scream In, Mad Theater and Horror Theater. Dr Shock’s humorous skits would play before the various horror movies that would play after. If you are a horror fan in Philadelphia over the age of 40— odds are you saw a horror film that was hosted by the good Dr.

The Dr. Shock character was played by local Philadelphia magician Joe Zawislak. Joe died in 1979 at the very young age of 42. Dr Shock is remembered fondly by fans of his shows and those at WPHL-TV that worked with him. To this day we still get requests at the station for videos and photos.

The video above is from the hour long special that aired, uninterrupted after Dr. Shock, Joe Zawislak died in 1979.