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Whether you are a seasoned angler or new to the sport, there’s a great spot to cast — and your chances of reeling in a fish are pretty good.

Limestone Springs Fishing Preserve in Richland Pa. is always stocked and ready to go.

“They have a lot of great fishing here — Big fish,” said Chuck Flory, of Lancaster.

“There is a record for the biggest rainbow,” said Mark Ely, Owner of the Limestone Springs Fishing Preserve. “It is 14 pounds, 15 ounces.

There is a modern fish farm on site. Once they get big enough, some of the fish are moved to the 2,000 foot stream which always has about 5,000 pounds of fish.

“There are some golden trout, some brown trout but mainly rainbow trout,” added Ely. “You can walk in here with nothing. You can rent a rod, buy bait and go fishing or you can bring your own stuff.”

You don’t need a fishing license, you do need to keep what you catch.

“We are a catch and keep facility so we don’t just throw them back and they just die so we get a better use out of them when people take them home and have a good meal out of them.”

You pay by the pound. You can also have them processed on site.

“We offer a dressed fish or a fileted fish, totally boneless.then that is ready to put on the grill when you go home.”

One of the best parts is the memories made. People have been casting their rods here since the 1950’s.

“Our biggest story is my dad brought me here or my grandfather used to bring me here,” said Ely.”

“I’ve been bringing my grandchildren since they were 5-years-old up here,” said Flory. “The oldest is 27 now and still wants to come down and fish with his pap pap. So yeah, we have a great time.”

Ely says, “It’s a lot of history here, lot of great memories, and it keeps getting better and better.

Limestone Springs, which is located between Reading and Lebanon, is open year-round. In fact, they say some of the best fishing happens in the winter.