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Tony has been vital member of the PHL17 since 2008. He proudly serves as producer and host of the award-winning tv show Weekend Philler. If he seems oddly familiar, you may recognize his “mug” from promos, most notably, retro 70s character “Peter Cheeseman in PHL’s promos. You’ve probably even heard his voice in a commercial or, two.

When Tony is not “philling your weekend,” he manages the web department where he writes, shoots and edits stories, galleries and videos that have generated millions of views for PHL17. That clever tweet or funny Facebook post that made you laugh? Chances are, it came from Tony, as he also overseas the station’s social media efforts.

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Recent Articles
  • World War II Veteran Interviews

    Weekend Philler talks to three World War II Veterans about their time in the U.S Army, Navy, and Marine Corps! Rocky Gannon: Army Veteran Owen Garrison: Navy Veteran Walter Kocieiski: Marine Corps Veteran  

  • Fort Delaware State Park

    Weekend Philler learns about life during the Civil War at Fort Delaware State Park!

  • Millville Army Air Field Museum

    Weekend Philler immerses ourselves in World War II history at the Millville Army Air Field Museum!

  • International Day at Camden County College

    Weekend Philler learns about tons of different cultures at International Day at Camden County College!

  • Medium Sheri Marcantuono

    Weekend Philler talks to medium Sheri Marcantuono about her gift for speaking with spirits! To see the full reading that she did with the Weekend Philler crew, click here!

  • Eight & Sand Beer Co.

    Weekend Philler checks out Eight & Sand Beer Co.!

  • Spooky Philler Phan Interviews

    Weekend Philler visited Lunacy Brewing Company to get some SPOOKY Philler Phan interviews! Describe your ex as a horror movie character! Do you believe in ghosts? What is your favorite scary movie? We love doing these! If you want us to shoot some Philler Phan interviews at YOUR business or event, let us know by messaging us on the Weekend Philler Facebook Page!

  • The Creeper Gallery

    The Creeper Gallery in New Hope, PA is full of deathly art, antiques, and oddities…not to mention a young ghost named Madeline and tons of haunted objects. Check out more about the Creeper’s haunted objects below!

  • KPVFC 9/11 Memorial 5K

    Weekend Philler runs for charity at the KPVFC 9/11 Memorial 5K!

  • Vinyl Brewing

    Weekend Philler drinks some local brews and jams to awesome music at Vinyl Brewing!