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  • Jaguar escapes enclosure, kills 8 animals at New Orleans zoo

    NEW ORLEANS, La. – A New Orleans zoo was closed over the weekend after a jaguar escaped its habitat and killed eight other animals. Audubon Zoo said the 3-year-old male jaguar, named Valerio, was spotted outside his enclosure by a zoo employee around 7 a.m. Valerio attacked and killed five alpacas, two foxes and one emu. Another fox was also attacked, but survived. Kyle Burks, vice president and managing director for the zoo, said at a news conference that Valerio […]

  • Lava from Hawaii volcano creates tiny new island

    Lava that’s still flowing from the Kilauea volcano has now created a tiny new island off the coast of Hawaii. The island of lava appeared Thursday, just offshore from the northern edge of the Big Island, the United States Geological Survey said. A Hawaii Volcano Observatory crew noticed it during a Friday morning flight. The island is part of the lava flow that extends underwater away from the coastline, the agency said. It thinks underwater pressure pushed the lava flow to the surface. This is […]

  • Man with gun tattoo on forehead arrested for illegally possessing a gun

    GREENVILLE, S.C. – Police arrested a South Carolina man with a handgun tattooed on his face for unlawful carrying of a firearm, among other charges, according to the Greenville Police Department. Michael Vines – who has a large image of a handgun inked over his left eye, the clip extending down between his eyebrows – tried to discard a loaded Smith & Wesson .38-caliber revolver after he was involved in a car wreck, according to police. Vines allegedly tossed the […]

  • Police looking for woman accused of having 13-year-old boy’s baby

    MOORE, Okla. – Police are looking for a woman they say had sex with a 12-year-old boy when she was 21 years old. Now, officials say she had the boy’s baby. Khadijah Stevens, 23, met the victim through family. Officers said she started having sex with the child in 2015 and the relationship continued this year. “We’re talking about an adult and a child, a young child at that,” said Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis. “It’s a very sick person […]

  • Father drowns saving twin daughters in Atlantic Ocean

    ATLANTIC BEACH, N.C. – A Virginia father died Friday after he swam into the Atlantic Ocean to help his twin daughters who were having trouble swimming, according to his colleague at the real-estate firm Spotts & Carneal. The man, identified as 48-year-old Charles Austin Joy, of Beaverdam, was in cardiac arrest when emergency workers arrived to help. The family annually vacations at Atlantic Beach, though this particular trip was a surprise for the kids who just finished school. The two girls […]

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  • Dog that hasn’t left shelter’s cage in four years draws support from around the country

    WATERBURY, Conn. – A pit bull that has been locked up at a Connecticut pound for four years has gotten the attention of animal lovers nationwide. It is a case that has been sitting in Federal Court and its fate is up to the judge. Animal advocates said the Waterbury Dog Pound is looking to euthanize Rose, but people all over the country are refusing to let that happen and are pushing the judge to keep her alive. “I mean, […]

  • Drone captures lava flow from Kilauea to the sea; total so far could cover Manhattan more than 6 feet deep

    BIG ISLAND, Hawaii – The U.S. Geological Survey released drone footage of the lava flowing from the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island. Lava continues shooting out of the ground, as high as 150-feet in the air, then travels all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The eruption is one of the most destructive in U.S. history, though amazingly no one has been killed and only one injury has been reported. Since May 3rd, Kilauea’s lava, ash and rocks have destroyed […]

  • People are going way over the top with their gender-reveal parties these days

     It’s not the kind of social gathering you see every day: As family and friends watch from a safe distance – recording the moment on their phones – a man in a yard tries to feed a watermelon to a large alligator. After a few failed attempts, he wedges the melon into the alligator’s jaws. The gator chomps down and the melon splits open, spattering blue goo everywhere. The crowd erupts in cheers. “It’s a boy!” someone shouts. Welcome to […]