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  • Summer Travel Trends

    Summer is not over yet, which means there is still time to plan a vacation. Emily Kaufman, better known as “The Travel Mom” has you covered on where to plan your next vacation. So Emily, what are some of the best places to travel to this summer? “When it comes to family travel, we’re hearing words like immersive, cultural, educational, and I’ve teamed up with Providence Rhode Island because they fit all of those descriptive words. They’ve got one of […]

  • Prime Day Deals with Justine Santaniello

    *The following post in sponsored. For those of us who love a great deal, Amazon’s highly anticipated annual shopping event, Prime Day, kicks off on Monday, July 16. Trend expert Justine Santaniello shares what’s new this year and gives us a sneak peek at some of the products that will be offered as deals. For those who don’t know Justine, what is Amazon Prime Day?  “Amazon Prime Day is an epic day of Amazon’s best deals, exclusively for Prime members. […]

  • Delicious Fourth of July Recipes On The Cheap

    *The following post is sponsored. The Fourth of July is here and so is Registered Dietitian Deanna Segrave-Daly with tips to help you throw the perfect holiday cookout without paying premium prices. First up, you have to consider the star dish of every BBQ: meat! “When you are talking about high quality meats for grilling, every Wednesday Aldi has a fresh meat special. So that is their very best cuts of meat for extra low prices,” said Deanna. For the Fourth, she […]

  • Summer BBQ Tips and Tricks

    *The following post is sponsored. Barbecue’s in the summer are the perfect way to enjoy time with family and friends. Chef Lex Taylor has all the food, drink, and preparing tips and tricks that you will need to get your barbecue going. “First, you always want your barbecues to be easy, that’s the first key and that’s the first thing a lot of people get wrong. One of the great ways to do it, especially when you’re dealing with the ultimate […]

  • Summer Beauty Buys

    *The following post is sponsored. Summer is here! The season’s warmer temperatures can mean a slew of problems for our beauty routines. Beauty Expert Kate De Ponte is here to help. The right deodorant is essential. Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant goes on invisible and won’t leave white marks on over 100 colors. It’ll keep you feeling fresh all day. It’s available for $5.49 at mass stores nationwide. Visit Next up, hair! Hair Food will fuel your beauty routine with […]

  • Gadgets To Help You Sleep

    The following post is sponsored. Achieving a good night’s sleep is getting a lot easier thanks to innovations in research, science and technology. Internationally recognized sleep expert, Dr. Christopher Winter, has his easy steps and gadgets for a better night’s sleep. So doctor how can we put our brains to rest? “How we can put our brains to rest… well that’s interesting that’s one of the most common questions I get asked. People say they cannot shut their brains off […]

  • Planning On Going Away This Summer? It May Be Time For A Tech Upgrade

    *The following post is sponsored. Going on vacation with the family this summer? Tech Expert David Weissmann from Verizon has you covered with all of your summer tech needs. Verizon is now allowing customers to mix and match plans! “We’ve updated our Unlimited Plans. Go Unlimited is for if you want to text, talk and stream without worrying about overages. Beyond Unlimited allows you to get some extra features like 4G LTE Mobil Hotspot as well as HD quality video […]

  • Missing Types Campaign

    *The following post is sponsored. The American Red Cross is launching the “Missing Types Campaign” to highlight the need for new blood donors. Leading Blood Industry Expert Chris Hrouda explained why the campaign is needed right now. The summer months are particularly difficult in terms of blood donations. “I think this is a particular rough time for us as we’ve seen our donor bases decline over the last several years. Actually over the last four years, we’ve seen about an […]

  • Do You Suffer From Chronic Migraine?

    *The following post is sponsored. Did you know June is “Migraine & Headache Awareness Month?” Neurologist Dr. Kerry Knievel broke down what Chronic Migraine is, its impact and how patients can treat it. Chronic Migraine is headaches that occur on more than 15 days out of the month. On each of these days, they last for over four hours. “On 8 or more of those days, they have features associated with them including nausea, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, limitation of […]

  • Warm Weather Beauty Essentials

    The following post is sponsored.* With warm weather finally here, it’s time to shed those layers and get ready for summer! Beauty expert Kate De Ponte shares her simple ways you can look and feel your best this season. “Warm weather is finally here… and imagine the perfect Sunday. You’re outside with family or friends, go to the beach or park, the weather is beautiful. Well, Neutrogena believes every day is Sunday with their new campaign that celebrates the time […]