Kristen graduated from Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ where she majored in English and Communication Studies. She interned at PHL17 in 2011 and has remained part of the team ever since.

She produces for Weekend Philler, In Focus, and PHL17 Morning News; coordinates contests, community events, and marketing projects; writes press releases; and creates web content.

Recent Articles
  • The Whitman Stafford Farmhouse

    Weekend Philler gets a history lesson from Richard Zimmerman at the Whitman Stafford Farmhouse in Laurel Springs, NJ!

  • Museum of the American Revolution Exhibit Figure Models

    Some of the figures in the exhibits at the Museum of the American Revolution are actually modeled after their employees! Weekend Philler talks to Matthew Skic and Adrienne Whaley about their experience being recreated for the museum.

  • The Museum of the American Revolution on Weekend Philler

    The Museum of the American Revolution opened its door exactly one year ago in April! If you haven’t visited, this museum is a must-see in Philadelphia tourism. Their core exhibits explore the revolution in an interesting, interactive way. Guests can stand under Boston’s liberty tree, board a privateer ship, and see the actual tent George Washington stayed in during the war. Another interesting artifact that was excavated when constructing the museum is a punch bowl dedicated to the ship, Triphena. […]

  • Severino Pasta Company

    Severino Pasta Company has been making delicious homemade pasta products since Joseph and Anna Maria Severino opened their shop almost 50 years ago in Westmont, NJ. Joseph and Anna Maria moved to Westmont, NJ from Italy in the 1970s. And now their children, Carla, Louis, and Peter run the shop – and are welcoming help from the third generation of Severinos. They are even using techniques brought over from Italy, including original pasta machines from when the shop opened. Not […]

  • IN FOCUS: The Philadelphia Flower Show – “Wonders of Water”

    The Philadelphia Flower Show is the largest flower show in the country, generating 65 million dollars in economic impact to the region. Representatives from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society which hosts the show – share how it is a platform for energy conservation – and also raises important funds to support PHS community programs such as community gardens in the City, green landscapes and its tree planting project. Kevin Feeley, PHS communications Manager and Julianne Schrader Ortega – PHS VP and […]

  • IN FOCUS: New Mural of Civil Rights Icon Octavius Catto

    This week we further explore the life and legacy of civil rights icon Octavius Catto – who will be honored again in Philadelphia in a very big way. Catto, in the 1860’s, desegregated street cars and pushed to break the color barrier in baseball more than a century before the Phillies won their first world series. This orator and military officer is the first African American to be memorialized with a statue on public land in the history of the […]

  • IN FOCUS: The American Heart Association

    If you’re looking to be a little healthier when it comes to your heart – we have the information for you. Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans and according to the American Heart Association, it claims the life of a woman about every eighty seconds. Two survivors share their harrowing ordeal. Mike Feldman who is a doctor tells how even he didn’t acknowledge the warning signs and ended up having triple bypass surgery after suffering a heart […]

  • HomeGrown Coffee and Creations

    “Come in and get a coffee, a coffee table, whatever you want!” Uncle/nephew duo, Jimmy and Christian, merged their background in construction with coffee and art from local artists – and created a shop like no other. They are known for their “homeys” and can make whatever you need! So if you’re near Broad & Jackson, grab a cup of LaColombe coffee and spend some time checking out all kinds of local creations. Follow them on Facebook ,  Instagram, Twitter, […]

  • Lot P Bleeds Green

    If you’ve ever tailgated at an Eagles game, you may have heard DJ music blasting, smelled fresh cheesesteaks, or heard bean bags being tossed during a game of cornhole. And that was all coming from Lot P! This group of tailgaters has grown over the years – from a few parking lot neighbors, to sometimes over 300 hundred Eagles fans that they call family. Original Lot P tailgater and chef, Andy Marin, talks to us about his Eagles bus and […]

  • IN FOCUS: Tony Luke Jr. and the Opioid Crisis in Philadelphia

    Philadelphia restauranteur, Tony Luke Junior, joins In Focus to share his story of losing his son Tony Luke III to an overdose last March. Luke, who launched the #brownandwhite campaign after his son’s passing, tells why he’s feverishly pouring his energy into it in an effort to help remove the stigma he says exists for many people addicted to drugs and for the family members also impacted by the crisis. Eva Gladstein, Philadelphia Deputy Managing Director updates us regarding Mayor […]