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  • Alex Trebek says his pancreatic cancer may mean the end of his time at ‘Jeopardy!’

    After months of battling pancreatic cancer, Alex Trebek is hinting that his long tenure as host of “Jeopardy!” may be nearing an end. Trebek told CTV he has begun to get sores inside his mouth from the chemotherapy, which makes it difficult to enunciate. He sometimes hears himself slurring his words on the quiz show, he said. “I will keep doing it (the show) as long as my skills do not diminish, and they have started to diminish,” he told […]

  • Mom upset after teen turned away from homecoming dance for wearing a jumpsuit

    TAMPA (WFTS) — A 17-year-old was not allowed to attend her homecoming dance after she decided to wear a jumpsuit. Darcy Krueger said she was turned away at the door for not following dress code. The Tampa Bay Homeschool Homecoming dance was held at a venue in Tampa Friday. “I was very surprised. I called my mom and I was telling my friends about it because I couldn’t really believe it,” Darcy said. Darcy’s mother, Melissa Krueger, shared a post […]

  • Puppy found alive in rubble one month after Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas

    Rescuers say they found a puppy alive in the rubble of a collapsed building, one month after Hurricane Dorian ravaged parts of the Bahamas. Members of Big Dog Ranch Rescue found the dog, now named “Miracle,” on Friday in Marsh Harbour using infrared detection from a drone, the organization’s spokesman Chase Scott told CNN. Scott said that Miracle was nearly crushed to death after a building collapsed, trapping him under broken glass, an air conditioning unit and building debris. The […]

  • Mom’s hack for bedtime relaxation goes viral

    BOSTON — A Massachusetts mom has gotten viral attention after sharing a bedtime hack on social media. Jessica D’Entremont posted a photo of her two daughters, Emma, 4, and Hannelore, 3, on Facebook last week.  The picture shows the girls lying on the floor in their pajamas, which happen to glow in the dark. D’Entremont says she was looking for a way to keep her kids relaxed so she told them they had to lay “really still under the light” to “charge” […]

  • 2-year-old cancer survivor hears for first time: ‘Her whole body started to tremble’

    STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – For a little girl named Grace, sound is expected to get sweeter. The 2-year-old recently had cochlear implants activated at Cleveland Clinic Children’s, allowing Grace to hear her own name and mother’s voice for the first time. “All of a sudden hearing all of these things, it’s very overwhelming to her,” said Grace’s mother Valerie Revell-Rosian, of Strongsville, Ohio. “It’s a lot I would imagine to take on. So when we did put it on, her whole body […]

  • A lost continent has been found under Europe

    Researchers have discovered a hidden continent on Earth, but it’s not Atlantis. They found it while reconstructing the evolution of Mediterranean region’s complex geology, which rises with mountain ranges and dips with seas from Spain to Iran. The continent is called Greater Adria. It’s the size of Greenland and it broke off from North Africa, only to be buried under Southern Europe about 140 million years ago. And chances are, you’ve been there without even knowing it. “Forget Atlantis,” said […]

  • Vera Bradley releasing Harry Potter collection next year

    FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Calling all Wizards! Vera Bradley, Inc. has teamed up with Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) to create an exclusive Vera Bradley + Harry Potter Collection which is set to debut next year. Vera Bradley announced the partnership Wednesday in a press release. According to the company, Vera Bradley’s design team will work with WBCP to design a back-to-campus and dorm life line that features bags, accessories, stationery, drinkware, tech products, bath and bedding.  These items will be available in […]

  • How a 28-year-old first grader overcame the odds after breaking free from slavery

    DAVENPORT, Iowa – Supplies gathered, backpack assembled; it’s a recognizable scene for a six-year-old heading to first grade. It’s back to school for Lawrence Thornton, too. He’s 58 years old and is pursuing his high school diploma equivalent through Eastern Iowa Community college. After decades outside the classroom, his learning journey is a bit different. “I’m determined to keep on going. It’s never too late,” says Thornton. Without any previous connection, Thornton found that his mindset is strikingly similar to […]

  • He put his son on a roof to keep him safe after the hurricane hit. A storm surge swept away the 5-year-old

    Adrian Farrington struggled to keep his 5-year-old son afloat after Hurricane Dorian hit their home on Abaco Island in northwestern Bahamas. They clung to each other, surrounded by surging waves and floating piles of debris. After an hour of wading in the water with his fractured leg, Farrington, 38, told the Nassau Guardian he grabbed his son and put him on top of a roof to protect him from flooding and the dangers lurking in the water. He implored the […]

  • A man watched on his doorbell camera as a tornado from Hurricane Dorian destroyed his home

    Jason Sawyer and his wife were watching a live camera feed of Hurricane Dorian lashing North Carolina’s Emerald Isle, where they have a home, when the connection went offline. So the man decided to check his Ring doorbell camera. That’s when he saw his house being wrecked by a tornado. “The doorbell camera too was offline and then we received reports of a tornado in the area,” Sawyer told CNN. “That’s when we checked the event history and saw the […]

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