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  • There’s a huge mass embedded in the center of the moon, and astronomers aren’t sure what it is

    Here is something you may not know about the moon: Earth’s clingy best friend is also the site of one of the largest-known impact craters in our entire solar system. Essentially, something caused a giant hole on the moon billions of years ago, and astronomers have just discovered that there’s something big — really big — buried underneath the surface. According to research published in the journal “Geophysical Research Letters,” the moon’s South Pole-Aitken basin hides a mass that is estimated […]

  • Foul ball hits little boy at Indianapolis Indians game, raises concerns about ballpark safety

    INDIANAPOLIS — It was chaos at a ballpark after a foul ball went into the stands, striking a little boy in the face. The Lipscomb family told WXIN there were many foul balls at Saturday night’s game, but they never expected what would happen at the top of the third inning. “All of a sudden his head back, and then I seen his mom kind of go too. And then you see the crowd kind of erupt down in that […]

  • Family unhappy after Walmart graduation cake turns out to be Styrofoam

    PASADENA, Texas — A high school graduate was ready to celebrate her big day with cake — until she realized the cake was Stryofoam, KPRC reports. Marsy Flores said she wanted to give her daughter a great graduation day but her hopes to have a cake to celebrate the occasion quickly crumbled. “They can’t replace the moment that we lost,” she told KPRC. “It’s a special moment, and this is what we got for it, a Styrofoam cake. Not only […]

  • Softball team throws head-shaving party in support of teammate’s cancer fight

    CHANDLER, Ariz. – For the 7-year-old girl who usually spends her days on the softball field, the past two weeks have especially difficult as she spent her time somewhere else. “It felt good when I got out of the hospital,” said Leighton Accardo. Leighton plays for the Peaches softball team in Chandler, and was just diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Her family never saw it coming. “They discovered multiple masses throughout her abdomen, in her liver and on her lungs,” […]

  • ‘Forever grateful’: Mother meets ‘hero’ bus driver who helped save her son’s life

    MILWAUKEE – When a young boy wandered off from a Milwaukee and into a busy intersection on May 15, a quick-acting Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver was there to help. On Friday, MCTS driver Cecelia Nation-Gardner met the young boy’s mother for the first time. Nation-Gardner and the boy’s mom shared an emotional hug when they met. When she saw the boy wandering the street from her bus, Nation-Gardner recalls springing into action. “I knew something was wrong because […]

  • Khloe Kardashian attends her first prom with a fan

    At the age of 34, Khloé Kardashian finally attended her first high school prom, thanks to an invite from a fan. The reality star accompanied a student named Narbeh to his dance at Hoover High School in Glendale, California  Saturday. “My very first prom and I went with THE BEST date ever @NarbehKardash !!!!! We had so much fun!!! How handsome is my date???” Kardashian wrote on Twitter. My very first prom and I went with THE BEST date ever […]

  • 101-year-old WWII veteran flew 1,500 miles to commission grandson at Air Force Academy

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Joseph Kloc is among the 989 members of the US Air Force Academy’s class of 2019 who graduated this week, but a special moment with family set his week apart. His grandfather, 101-year-old World War II veteran Walter Kloc, flew from Amherst, New York to commission his grandson during the ceremony that gives undergraduates their first military assignments. “I’m so excited for him,” Joseph’s father William Kloc told WGRZ before the trip to Colorado. “He’s fulfilling […]

  • ‘I need to check on some other people.’ Shooting victim helped 7 coworkers hide, then went to look for more

    VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Christi Dewar believes she might not be here had it not been for the actions of coworker Ryan Keith Cox. Cox, who went by Keith, was one of the 12 victims in Friday’s shooting at the Municipal Center. Before he was killed, he helped guide seven people to safety. “I credit Keith to the fact that I’m still here that I can still hug my son and hug my baby granddaughter,” Dewar told WTKR in an […]

  • Clinic can continue to provide abortions in Missouri, judge rules

    Abortion services can continue for now in Missouri after a judge ruled its license would not expire at the end of the day Friday. The state had refused to renew Planned Parenthood’s license to continue providing abortions. Circuit Court Judge Michael Stelzer’s ruling does not renew the license. Instead, the ruling allows the current license to remain in effect until the matter can be heard in court again June 4. Planned Parenthood “has demonstrated that immediate and irreparable injury will […]

  • Text to wrong number leads to acts of kindness for North Carolina mother

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A text message to the wrong person sparked something no one was expecting. On May 24, Candice Benbow received a text message for a woman in Winston-Salem saying she needed to answer the phone and pick up her kids. Totally confused by the message, Benbow responded saying she had the wrong number, but the lady didn’t believe her. “So, when I didn’t answer I got this text message and she’s like, ‘Anthony you need to call me […]

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