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  • ‘Cat whisperer’ wanted: Get paid to live on a Greek island, care for dozens of cats

    SYROS, Greece – A cat sanctuary in Greece has been flooded with messages after advertising a one-of-a-kind position. The chosen candidate must be willing to live on the Greek island of Syros and care for 55 cats. It’s a part-time, paid position consisting of four-hour work days with living arrangements provided. According to a job description, Joan Bowell posted on the Facebook page for God’s Little People Cat Rescue, the perfect employee is someone who is “a genuinely passionate cat lover who knows […]

  • 11-year-old hacks, changes election results on replica Florida state website

    An 11-year-old successfully hacked a replica website for the Florida Secretary of State and changed election results in less than 10 minutes during a hacking convention in Las Vegas, according to event organizers. Nearly 40 hackers from 6 to 17 years old attempted to hack replicate websites in 6 swing states during the DEFCON hacking event on Friday and Saturday. More than 30 hackers were able to complete an exploit. The quickest exploit was done in under 10 minutes by […]

  • Koala has its own seat on airplane

    Who you sit near on an airplane is luck of the draw, but how would you feel if you found out you were going to be neighboring a koala? Last week, an Australian koala boarded a Eurowings flight from Dusseldorf, Germany to Edinburgh, Scotland. Koalas are highly strung animals, so this bear got VIP treatment with a row of seats to himself inside the cabin. VIP treatment Tanami is a 19-month-old Queensland koala who was heading to his new home, […]

  • Orca carries dead calf – now decomposing – for ‘unprecedented’ ninth straight day

    FRIDAY HARBOR, Wash. – Researchers are calling it a “tour of grief.” They’re also calling it unprecedented. The female southern resident orca known as J35 was spotted Wednesday carrying her dead calf in an apparent sign of grieving, marking the ninth straight day she has done so. Researchers said rough seas Tuesday and Wednesday made it hard to confirm whether or not she was carrying her dead offspring. But around 2:45 p.m., J35 was spotted with the neonatal calf carcass. […]

  • Florida mom says she heard from daughter who vanished in 2013

    A Florida mother says she has finally heard from missing daughter Emily Paul, who left a note and vanished from the family home five years ago, when she was 14. “To all our friends and extended family, we want to let you know that we have heard from Emily,” Pam Massimiani said in a Facebook post. “We do not have any further information to share at the moment.” Massimiani says she has received a letter which she is “pretty sure” came […]

  • Missing college student’s father has message for his daughter: ‘We’ll find you’

    DES MOINES, Iowa – For two weeks, investigators have been searching for clues and conducting hundreds of interviews in the search for Mollie Tibbets. But it’s still unclear what happened to the missing University of Iowa student. Her family and friends are posting flyers, talking to people and doing media interviews to spread awareness about the 20-year-old. On Thursday, her family and Crime Stoppers of Central Iowa are holding a press conference to discuss the case. Possible Sighting of Mollie Tibbets […]

  • Man brings his own seat onto NYC subway train – and it’s a full leather couch

    NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. — Taking the subway can be tough. Sometimes we wish we could just sit and relax just like we do in the comfort of our own homes. Well, one man did just that – taking the comfort of home right onto the train. Video shared online Monday afternoon shows a man dragging a brown leather couch through a subway station and onto a No. 4 train. He brought the whole damn couch! Respect the hustle, embrace […]

  • Couple leaves $1,000 tip for single mother working at hotel

    NASHVILLE, Ind. – What would you do if you got a $1,000 tip? That’s the enviable decision that Anna Hofstetter, a single mother working as a bartender at Hotel Nashville in Brown County, Indiana, had to make. Hofstetter told WXIN that a couple staying at the hotel while celebrating their wedding anniversary gave it to her. Hofstetter said it was a slow Saturday night. During the evening, she struck up a conversation with the couple. She told them she’s a […]

  • 81-year-old runner breaks records, but says ‘the best is yet to come’

    Jeanne Daprano wants the world to know something: She’s not leaving anything behind. No regrets, no fear. At 81 years old, she’s still pushing her body to the limit. She’s still running competitive races, breaking world records and taking on new challenges. Why? More like — why not? “The thing I’m learning about aging is, it’s inevitable,” Daprano said. “I’m not going to escape it. There are two ways to go: You can either press on or give up. Do […]

  • A waitress stole money from her boss. Decades later, she sent back $1,000 and an apology

    TUCSON, Ariz. – With $1,000 in cash and a handwritten apology, a former waitress is trying to make things right after stealing money from a Mexican restaurant more than 20 years ago. Carlotta Flores, who owns El Charro restaurant in Tucson, received a surprise envelope in the mail last week. A woman who had worked for Flores in the 1990s while attending the University of Arizona revealed that she stole money from the restaurant. “One of the waiters I worked […]