As a Producer in PHL17’s Creative Services Department, Holly works mainly on Weekend Philler: producing and editing segments and managing the show’s social media pages. She loves having a job where she has the creative freedom to tell stories and express herself through video. She started as an intern in January 2018 and has been part of the team ever since.

When she’s not at work, Holly is a student at Temple University. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies and Production with a minor in Public Relations and plans on graduating in May 2020.

In her free time, Holly enjoys cooking, painting, going to the theater, and exploring Philadelphia with her friends.

Recent Articles
  • The ARTery Studio

    Weekend Philler gets messy at the ARTery – an innovative art studio for all ages located in Medford, NJ!

  • Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue

    Weekend Philler meets Darlene Macrina Supnick of Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue and learns about all of the wonderful work that she is doing to protect America’s horses!

  • “Why Bedtime Sucks” by MaKayla Rose Hubbs

    Weekend Philler meets MaKayla Rose Hubbs, an aspiring child author who wrote Why Bedtime Sucks! She needs your help to get her book published!! There are only a few days left on her Kickstarter campaign, which can be found here:!

  • Manatawny Still Works

    Weekend Philler enjoys some awesome craft spirits at Manatawny Still Works!

  • Goat Yoga with Water and Rock Studio

    If there’s a way to make yoga even more fun, it’s by adding goats to the mix! Water and Rock Studio, based in Chestnut Hill, teaches a goat yoga class at Mountain Pride Farm in Quakertown, PA. Japheth Brubaker, owner of the studio, says that they got the idea from a student who discovered it on the West Coast. “Being around animals is good for your health,” Brubaker states. “Being in nature is good for your health. Doing yoga, well […]

  • Mad Rex Restaurant & Virtual Reality Lounge

    Mad Rex Restaurant and Virtual Reality Lounge is committed to providing their customers, or as they like to call them, “survivors”, a fully immersive post-apocalyptic experience. Located in Fishtown, Mad Rex was conceptualized by a pair of guys who were obsessed with movies like “Mad Max” and “The Book of Eli”. However, Mad Rex takes a more positive spin on the post-apocalyptic theme – everyone who walks into Mad Rex has survived the apocalypse, and now it’s time to party. […]

  • SouthGate Philly

    There aren’t many Korean restaurants in Philly, but one that really stands out from the rest is SouthGate. Created to pay tribute to the owners’ experiences as Korean-Americans, SouthGate has an extremely unique take on Korean-American cuisine.

  • PACE Fitness

    PACE Fitness is West Chester’s newest and most fun way to get fit! Created by Marshall “Mara” Cherubino, the vibe of PACE matches that of a nightclub. She created it so people can come out and dance with their girlfriends…without all of the creepy dudes. Mara is a Spanish teacher by day, but by night (and weekend) she is a certified personal trainer. Along with a few staff members, she choreographs the dances and puts together the playlists. They have […]

  • Pizza Brain

    Who knew that the world’s first Pizza Museum is located right here in Philadelphia? Pizza Brain, the world’s first Museum of American Pizza Culture, is located in Fishtown and showcases thousands of pizza-related items ranging from pizza cutters to toys to album covers. The extensive collection granted owners Joseph Hunter and Michael Carter a Guinness World Record for biggest collection of pizza-related items. However, Pizza Brain is more than just a pizza museum – it’s also an awesome pizza restaurant! […]

  • Hug Wraps: A Hospital Gown Alternative for Cancer Patients

    When Brenda Jones was undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer, she took one look at the stack of hospital gowns and decided enough was enough. She may not have been able to control cancer, but she could definitely control what she could wear. She needed something warm and comfortable, but most importantly “something that made me feel like a person, not a 9:30 appointment”. Thus began the idea of Hug Wraps, a hospital gown alternative for cancer patients. Not only […]

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