As a Producer in PHL17’s Creative Services Department, Bianca has produced countless commercials and show promos, worked on PHL17’s 50th Anniversary Show and is a proud producer of Weekend Philler. You may recognize her as the host of Bianca’s Bike Tours in the show.

Bianca has received two Emmy nominations, and two Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Awards for her work on Weekend Philler. She is a story-teller at heart and loves coming into work every day to do her dream job – producing, editing and sharing videos.

Brought up in the suburbs, she first moved to Philadelphia as a film student at Temple University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Arts and also discovered her undying love for the city.

When she’s not producing video, Bianca likes to keep the creative juices flowing by bike riding around Philly, playing piano, making scrapbooks and juggling.

Recent Articles
  • Photo Pop Philly’s Winter Wonderland

    PHILADELPHIA, PA– Kick off your holidays with Photo Pop Philly! It is an interactive art exhibit perfect for all of your social media profiles, and this season’s theme is “Winter Wonderland.” In this edition of Weekend Philler’s Masters, Pros and Virtuosos we took an inside look at all the amazing art featured in 2019’s exhibit. For tickets and more information visit:

  • Philly Tarot Deck

    COLLINGSWOOD, NJ — The Philly Tarot Deck is where astrology and all things Philadelphia overlap, and Weekend Philler got the full story from the creator of the deck, James Boyle. The idea first came to fruition when James was asked to create an illustration for an article about the rising popularity of astrology in Philadelphia Magazine. It all started with this illustration of three Philadelphia themed tarot cards. Then, public demand quickly grew for a full 78 card deck, so […]

  • Mural Arts Philadelphia

    PHILADELPHIA , PA — Did you know that Philadelphia is the mural capital of the world? In fact, Philly has more than 4,000 murals and that number is always growing. Mural Arts Philadelphia is the largest public art program in the United States, and it is because of this program that Philly is also recognized internationally as the “City of Murals.” Weekend Philler caught up with the Founder and Executive Director of Mural Arts Philadelphia, Jane Golden, and her passion […]

  • Philadelphia Then And Now

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — Bertrand Productions is a contemporary art gallery located in the Globe Dye Works building in Philadelphia, and they have teamed up with Helen Drutt to curate a new exhibit called Philadelphia: Then & Now. This exhibit features works by 60 different Philly-based artists spanning from 1950 to 2019. Weekend Philler had the opportunity to see the exhibit and capture these amazing works on camera in this edition of Masters, Pros & Virtuosos. This incredible exhibition is a great sample […]

  • Scarecrow Walk at Morris Arboretum

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — The Scarecrow Walk at Morris Arboretum will rock your socks off! Literally… the theme for 2019 is famous musicians! It is a contest that takes place every October, and everyone is encouraged to participate. Every scarecrow is unique, and we especially loved all the clever names participants came up with for their scarecrows. There’s Fall-icia Keys, Cobb Marley, David Crowie, Boo-thoven and Dolly Pumkin’… just to name a few. The scarecrows will be there until October 31st! See them […]

  • Morris Arboretum

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — If you’re looking for a change of scenery from the city streets and pavement in your every day life, then look no further than Morris Arboretum. Located within Philadelphia’s city limits, Morris Arboretum offers beautiful views of trees, woods, gardens and ponds. We were lucky to spend an afternoon exploring the arboretum and learning about why green spaces like this are important to the community and good for the planet. Morris Arboretum is for anyone and everyone […]

  • Chris Hadfield on Becoming an Astronaut

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — If you want to be an astronaut when you grow up, then Chris Hadfield has some advice for you. In this edition of Weekend Philler Extra, Chris talks about the difference between overcoming fear and overcoming danger. We also get his perspective on perseverance in difficult times and pointers for bettering yourself while working towards whatever your goals may be. Chris Hadfield’s story is both impressive and inspiring, so check it out below to get your motivation […]

  • Treetops Kitty Café

    KENNETT SQUARE, PA — We love a heartwarming rescue story, especially when it involves the adorable cats and kittens at Treetops Kitty Café! It’s a place where you can relax, drink coffee, hang out and play with adoptable cats who are waiting for their furrever homes. You can visit the café just to play, and you may just end up meeting your new furry best friend. In this edition of Weekend Philler’s Creature Feature, we got lots of playtime with […]

  • Astronaut Chris Hadfield

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live without gravity? Well, Weekend Philler asked a professional. Chris Hadfield was the first Canadian astronaut to walk in space, and when we heard he was coming to Philly we couldn’t resist asking for an interview. His list of accomplishments is extensive and varies from working on a farm, to downhill ski racing, to flying in the Canadian Airforce. You have to hear his inspiring story in this edition […]

  • Super Group Hugs & Bun Leung Art

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — Every summer, Wizard World brings a new mix of talented artists to the Pennsylvania Convention Center. This year we had the pleasure of learning about Super Group Hugs and Bun Leung Art. Both of these artists put a new spin on the characters and pop culture we all know and love. Super Group Hugs incorporates the hilarious and sometimes adorable subtext of the bonds these characters share. Plus, embrace all of the 90s nostalgia in Bun Leung’s […]

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