As a Producer in PHL17’s Creative Services Department, Bianca has produced countless commercials and show promos, worked on PHL17’s 50th Anniversary Show and is a proud producer of Weekend Philler. You may recognize her as the host of Bianca’s Bike Tours in the show.

Bianca has received two Emmy nominations, and two Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Awards for her work on Weekend Philler. She is a story-teller at heart and loves coming into work every day to do her dream job – producing, editing and sharing videos.

Brought up in the suburbs, she first moved to Philadelphia as a film student at Temple University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Arts and also discovered her undying love for the city.

When she’s not producing video, Bianca likes to keep the creative juices flowing by bike riding around Philly, playing piano, making scrapbooks and juggling.

Recent Articles
  • Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is a not-so-hidden gem that has earned its reputation as a truly unique and iconic art installation on South Street. Mosaics made up of tiles and found objects cover the building both inside and out. The space also includes two galleries featuring work by the creator of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, Isaiah Zagar, as well as exhibitions by other artists. Visitors can pay admission to enter the gardens or even attend one of the many […]

  • Wine School of Philadelphia

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — You don’t have to go all the way to Napa to learn about wine! The Wine School of Philadelphia is located in Rittenhouse Square and they offer classes for wine enthusiasts AND even those wanting to become a wine sommelier. Weekend Philler got to experience one of the Wine School’s most sought after classes, Wine 101. The Wine School of Philadelphia also offers food and wine pairing classes, beer, spirits and cocktails and culinary classes! Find out […]

  • Sweet Nectar Dessert Kitchen

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — Sweet Nectar Dessert Kitchen is a local bakery serving up tasty treats for all occasions AND classes for anyone with a peaking curiosity for cooking and baking. In this edition of “Mom & Pop Shop” we meet the bakery’s owner and master baker, Robin Broughton-Smith, as she teaches one of her classes and tells all about what her bakery has to offer. “I baked with my mom and aunts, so it brings back memories. And I get […]

  • The Colored Girls Museum

    PHILADELPHIA, PA —  The Colored Girls Museum is a hidden jewel tucked in an unassuming home in the Germantown section of the city. It might appear to be just another house on a residential street, but don’t let its appearance fool you; this museum is a local must-see full of cherished items celebrating colored girls and educating visitors about her place in history and influence on society. Weekend Philler took a peek into some of the rooms in the museum […]

  • Philly Improv Theater

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — If there’s one thing we all have in common it’s laughter, and if you ever see a show at Philly Improv Theater you will do plenty of laughing! Philly Improv Theater, also known as “PHIT,” is a short walk from Rittenhouse Square in downtown Philadelphia. They offer workshops, acting and improv classes, and shows every night of the week. One of the great things about seeing an improv show is that everything is made up on the […]

  • Yuletide at Winterthur

    WINTERTHUR, DE — If you are looking for something unique and absolutely beautiful to do during the holidays, then look no further than Yuletide at Winterthur. This mansion was the former home to Francis du Pont, but is now a museum housing antiques, gorgeous decorations and flowers. Look in any direction and you will see a picture perfect scene filled with charm and a vibrant history. Weekend Philler had so much fun learning about this magical place, and we loved […]

  • Thirsty Dice

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — If you’ve been searching for a way to disconnect and interact with friends in ways that don’t involve cell phones, computer screens and social media, then Philly’s first board game café may be the perfect solution! Thirsty Dice is a place you can go to grab a bite to eat, have a cup of coffee and try out a new board game. Weekend Philler got a closer look at what sets the Thirsty Dice experience apart from […]

  • Building The Cycling City: The Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — Philadelphia is known to be a top cycling city in the United States, but there are still improvements to be made in working toward a safe and effective infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. Chris and Melissa Bruntlett have literally written the book on how North American cities like Philly can utilize the same tactics as some of the best countries in the world for bicycling. 5th Square and Wilson & Firth Transport Cycles partnered up to host […]

  • Philly Dance Fitness

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — Deborah Hirsch started Philly Dance Fitness as a way to bring people together for a common purpose… dancing. Since Philly Dance Fitness got its start, it has grown into a community of dancers with more classes available for just about any type of dance you can think of; you could learn pop, hip-hop, ballet and even belly dancing! If you are interested in learning to dance, there is no experience required. They have classes for varying skill […]

  • Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride

    GLEN MILLS, PA — The Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride at Arasapha Farm is a three part Halloween attraction that has been in operation for 28 years, and it is a go-to haunt for Halloween lovers in the Philadelphia area. There are several dedicated people behind this operation including those who brainstorm new themes to add each year (starting several months in advance), construction crews building the props and sets during the summer carrying out those ideas, I.T. professionals setting […]

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