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Here on Eye Opener we’re brewing  tea and we’ll show you how to incorporate that tea into your food.

Alexis Siemons, a Tea Consultant, shares with us her favorite tips and techniques when cooking with tea.  She says the great thing about cooking with tea is that there are so many ways to incorporate tea into your recipes.  Alexis tells us the secret to cooking with tea is using a stronger tea in your recipes to ensure it will stand up to the other ingredients you are using. Alexis shows us how to incorporate tea into a salad dressing, butter, and a broth. For the full recipes visit Alexis’s blog

On November 24th at 3:00 pm Alexis Siemons will be at ‘Cook’ in Philadelphia where she will be teaching a Chai 101 class where you too can learn how to incorporate tea into your recipes.  You can purchase tickets for the Chai 101 class for $65 by heading to

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