Temple Graduate Shares Inspirational Story Being HIV Positive

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Sunday is World Aids Day, the day we celebrate those brave people that battle with this life threatening disease. I met with doctors at St. Christopher’s Hospital and spoke with one college graduate who shared his truly inspiring story.

Two years ago Antonio Boone received the news that would completely change his life. During finals week at Temple University he was diagnosed HIV Positive. Although it was a heart breaking moment for him, Antonio did not let this disease define the rest of his life. He works for the SWEAT Project (Sexuality With Education And Truth) at St. Christopher’s Hospital which provides support for young men in homosexual relationships. Dr. Roberta Laguerre-Frederique at the Dorothy Mann Center in the hospital says that it is important to diagnose a child with the disease early on so they can be treated before they can infect other people.  She encourages young people who choose to be sexually active to always protect themselves.

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