Shoot ‘Em Up at Zombie Safari

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The zombie apocalypse has hit West Chester, Pennsylvania and just in time for Halloween! The appropriately-named Valley of Terror has been designated to combat an army of the living dead and you’re our country’s first defense against it. Zombie Safari is the brainchild of owner Matt Herzog who has commissioned a convoy of 40-foot former army trucks and stacked them with paintball guns. Each night, a battalion of new recruits to the Zombie National Guard hop aboard, are debriefed by their drill sergeant and take off to attack the 55 zombies that have invaded the desolate town.
But don’t be afraid – think of it as a hayride kicked up a few hundred notches! In this simulation the living definitely have the upper hand, with LED hunting lights and glow in the dark ammo. Sign up and serve your country Thursday through Sunday nights, excluding Halloween. Zombie Safari runs through November 3.

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