Puppy Tips With T-Bear: Even Puppies Need To Learn How To Share

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My buddy Teddy also known as T-Bear can be a sweet little pomeranian, but when he wants what he likes he can turn into a little terror.  T-Bear especially loves his chew toys, so I took him to the Philadelphia Pet Hotel and Villas where dog trainer Nicole Larocco says even puppies need to learn how to share.  She says one of the best ways to get your dog to be obedient is to teach them how to trade.

Nicole works with the program Philly Unleashed.  She gave Teddy a yummy chew toy, which he loved.  She showed me that to get him to trade I needed to replace his chew toy with something else he likes such as food and then take the chew toy away.  She says dogs need to learn that they can’t always have everything they want or they will turn into little monsters.  T-Bear really enjoyed the hot dogs he received when trading.  He’s now a great trader!

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By Ashley Johnson @AshleyNJohnson3


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