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We’re headed into fall but summertime temperatures are sticking around for a bit making it the perfect opportunity to have a picnic in the park. So, in Biz-Bites Peter and I headed over to Di Bruno Brothers to find out how to pack the “perfect” picnic basket.

Trust me, it was awesome! It was my first time at Di Bruno  Brothers in Center City and when you walk into this Philadelphia food institution you can smell the aroma of cheese, fruit and fresh sandwich meats.

We went aisle by aisle packing our little basket. We started with stone fruits, in this case – nectarines and then eased our way over to seasonal salads. Next up – say cheese! Wow, I’m talking big huge rounds of cheese!

And, have you heard of ‘charcuterie?’ Cool stuff! It’s cooking devoted to prepared meat products like bacon, ham and sausage.  My favorite part though – was the eating of course. I have a confession – I think I could actually live on figs, chocolate and sausage. .

You can find out more about all the wonderful food at Di Bruno Brothers on their website at www.dibruno.com.

And, join me for Biz-Bites every Thursday on Eye Opener and let me know what tips you have for making the perfect picnic basket. You can find me on Twitter@JenLewisHall.


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