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Elvis Fest Philadelphia was a weekend long hunka, hunka burning love where Elvis Presley fans got together to celebrate “The King.”  Elvis Fest Philly, held at historic Canstatters in North East Philadelphia from April 12 to 14, welcomed 21 Elvis Tribute Artists (don’t call them “impersonators”–they hate that) from all over North America.  But Elvis Fest was more than just a competition; it was a weekend-long celebration of Elvis’ music and his affect on pop culture.  The competitive part of the weekend featured several rounds of judged performances.  The tribute artists brought their “Elvis A-game”– elaborate costumes, well rehearsed vocals and classic Elvis stage moves– in the hopes of winning the $5,200 first prize, and the chance to represent Philadelphia in the Ultimate Elvis Contest in Memphis, Tennessee.  Other attractions throughout the weekend included a Karaoke Party, Fans Choice Round, and Jim Barone’s “Tribute to the King Concert.”  The weekend also included a very special gospel show on Sunday that gave the Elvi a chance to perform in regular clothes, collaborate in impromptu groups and perform songs outside of the Elvis Presley library and outside of competition.

The 2013 Elvis Fest winner was Tim E. Hendry from Ontario Canada;  second place was Paul “Little Elvis” Hunt,  and third place was Brycen Katolinsky also from Canada.


The real winners were the fans.

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Here are some photos from Elvis Fest Philadelphia 2013.