Naked Cowboy on BizBites?!?

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You may find yourself in one of three categories when it comes to oysters:

You love ‘em

You hate ‘em

Or you’re like me – you’re not sure how you feel about ‘em.

Well, I faced my own fears and headed to Oyster House at 1516 Sansom Street to try the best-of-the-best when it comes to Oysters right from our own region. The restaurant is designed around a marble raw bar and it’s ever-changing list is focused on local varieties from the mid-Atlantic up to New England and Canada.

My Biz-Bites bud Peter Van Allen is a pro at eating them. He took the lead and you’ve got to check out the video to see just why we loved the food and the fun at Oyster House.  SNEAK PEAK: his favorite was the Naked Cowboy!  You got to check out the video to see why…

If you want to try oysters – check out the restaurant’s  “Buck-a-Shuck” Happy Hour or pop by for lunch or dinner for other great seafood. Love oysters? Let us know on Facebook at Eye Opener Philly. And, join us each weekday morning from 6 to 8 a.m.