Move Over Wine: How to Pair TEA and Cheese

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The combination may sound a little odd, but tea consultant Alexis Siemons says it makes perfect sense. Just think of the duo as a ‘deconstructed latte.’

“You’re pairing the creaminess of the cheese with the richness and the astringency of the tea,” she says.

And there are a lot of ways you can do it. For instance, match Genmaicha (a Japanese green tea with brown rice) with goat cheese and rosemary tea cookies. Why it works? Siemons says the cheese and tea share a grassiness, while the cookie adds a sweet and earthy note.

But what to drink if you’re noshing on a harder cheese, like cheddar? Couple it with a black or English breakfast tea, which will stand up to the flavor. You can even get fancy and plate a cheese rubbed with tea leaves! Don’t forget a snack, like the sweet and nutty apricot wand, to top it off. Sounds like a match made in tea heaven.

Take a look for more great pairings and tips on how to get started in the brave new adventure of tea pairing!


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