Going Behind Bars To Cover Juvenile In Justice

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More than 70,000 kids are held in American juvenile jails, and many, are just small children who upset an adult.  An exhibit called, ‘Juvenile In Justice’, at the Crane Arts Building shares hundreds of these young men and women’s real life stories of what many youth face behind bars.

Richard Ross, the artist behind the exhibit, spent the past seven years of his life investigating juvenile centers across America, interviewing more than 1,000 kids at close to 300 delinquency sites in order to create his Juvenile In Justice exhibit.  Ross tells me he chose to focus on youth correction centers because of the mistreatment that the children within the cell walls face.

Richard Ross says, “Roughly 88% of the kids behind bars are there for crimes that are non-violent.”  He tells me, most of these children shouldn’t even be in the prison cells that they now all call home.

After seeing his exhibit first hand, I was able to witness just a glimpse of the harsh lives that these young children face each and every day.  Ross tells me, the first step in finding a solution for this problem is to provide better schools and resources for these children rather than throwing them into jail cells.  You too can see Ross’ exhibit from now until December 12th at the Crane Arts Building or you can head to www.juvenile-in-justice.com

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