Four Different People Rowing as One

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Rowing is a team sport and really shows just how much of a team player you need to be. I met with four rowers at the Whitemarsh Boat Club to see what rowing means to each of them.

The quad is made up of four people: John Monaghan, John Curran, Ethan Baim and Susan Hermann. Each of them have different reasons for why they row, yet together they have one goal in mind, moving the boat down the river. In stroke is John Monaghan who actually decided to stop rowing years ago but returned to it when his son asked him to row in a father son event. In seat 3 is John Curran who is actually blind from a degenerative eye disease called RP. After going through rehabilitation at a school for the blind he was given an activity schedule showing rowing was a fun event blind people can do. In seat 2 is the youngest member of the crew, 15 year old Ethan Baim. He says it takes all of them rowing at the same speed and rate to get the boat moving. In bow is Susan Hermann who has a passion for the sport and in fact teaches it. These four people who could not be any more different all come together to do what they love.

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