A Recycling Plant with an Artistic Spirit

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Introducing Revolution Recovery. The company offers recycling services for the construction, demolition, industrial and manufacturing industries within a 100-mile radius of the Philadelphia area. Their goal? To keep manufacturing waste out of landfills while offering more competitive rates than traditional disposal methods. An impressive 80 percent of what’s collected is recovered and recycled. And what’s processed by Revolution Recovery adds up to a whopping 500-600 tons of material per day.

Which leaves plenty to be picked over by partner organization RAIR (Recycled Artists In Residency). The program is composed of artists who are allowed to pull materials out of the huge piles to create sculptures or simply document the material.

“You sit on the dock, you wait for materials that you see you can use, you stockpile them and then you bring them back to the studio,” artist Billy Dufala explained.

Dufala calls Revolution Recovery a ‘gold mine’ for artists.

“Whatever it is, you will find it eventually. But there’s so much that happens in the waste stream that’s also inspiring for an artistic mind.”

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