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Guess who turned 5 years old today?!  That’s right, your friendly East Falls neighborhood Rest in Peace 5K at Laurel Hill Cemetery!  In numbers that seemed to easily top previous years, runners braved the historic cemetery this Saturday, October 12. The cloudy skies and haunting winds gave the runners of all abilities and complexity of costume a great backdrop to the Halloween inspired 5k.  This race is easily one of my favorite in the city and unlike some events tucked into smaller sections of the city— there was plenty of free parking at the event.

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  • RIP_5K_2013_Laurel_Hill_Cemetery-57
  • RIP_5K_2013_Laurel_Hill_Cemetery-63
  • RIP_5K_2013_Laurel_Hill_Cemetery-67
  • RIP_5K_2013_Laurel_Hill_Cemetery-70
  • RIP_5K_2013_Laurel_Hill_Cemetery-72
  • RIP_5K_2013_Laurel_Hill_Cemetery-74
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Before the race runners got their blood flowing with dance warm-ups courtesy of Living Arts Dance Studios.  Then the race began and wound through the historic Laurel Hill Cemetery and was followed by an after-party for all the boys and ghouls that attended. More info:,


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