PHOTOS & VIDEO: Monster-Mania 24

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For the Hagan family, Horror Cons are a family affair.  Twice a year David Hagan and family, including sons David and Doug put on one of the top horror conventions in the country, Monster-Mania.  Monster-Mania 24 marked its 10th anniversary in NJ this weekend with the biggest crowd ever.  (Monster-Mania Photos below)

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Monster-Mania takes place over three days and includes film screenings, lectures, vendors, movie reunions, independent movie producers, celebrity autographs and of course rabid horror fans. Lots of those fans come dressed in character and at every turn you’ll hear horror fans discussing all things horror.  Monster-Mania 24 had a bigger Star Wars presence due to Chewbacca himself, Peter Mayhew, being one of the celebs on hand.   Other highlights included celebs from the Walking Dead and True Blood and of course members of the PHL17 events team.  (Complete guest list here.)  If horror is your thing, don’t miss Monster Mania.