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Ben Revere and Ryne Sandberg at Phillies Phestival 2014

The Phillies broke a record at Citizens Bank Park on Monday and they didn’t even have a game.  A record-breaking $904,732 was raised at the 2014 Phillies Phestival.  The Phillies Phestival is the annual auction and autograph party the Phillies Charities started 30 years ago to benefit The ALS Association. Proceeds from the event help with patient care and services for ALS patients in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Since the Phillies have adopted ALS as their primary charity, the Phillies organization has raised over $15 million.  Here are some photos from the Phillies Phestival 2014.

  • Ryne Sandberg at Phillies Phestival 2014
  • Ben Revere and Ryne Sandberg at Phillies Phestival 2014
  • 2014-phillies-phestival-61
  • 2014-phillies-phestival-59
  • Jessica Marvel at Phillies Phestival 2014
  • 2014-phillies-phestival-49
  • 2014-phillies-phestival-46
  • Krystle Howard at Phillies Phestival 2014
  • Jake Diekman at Phillies Phestival 2014
  • Johari Rollins and Krystle Howard at Phillies Phestival 2014
  • Johari Rollins and Jen Utley at Phillies Phestival 2014
  • Sharon Miller gets an autogrpah from Gary Matthews (Sarge) and Greg (The Bull) Luzinski at Phillies Phestival
  • Jesse Biddle at Phillies Phestival 2014
  • Nick Vitale shakes Charlie Manuel at the Phillies Phestival
  • 2014-phillies-phestival-25
  • Carlos (Chooch) Ruiz at the Phillies Phestival
  • Emma, Annabelle, and Tessa getting an autograph from Dominic Brown
  • Will Nieves at Phillies Phestival 2014
  • Juan Samuel at Phillies Phestival 2014
  • 2014-phillies-phestival-17
  • Marlon Byrd at Phillies Phestival 2014
  • 2014-phillies-phestival-13
  • Antonio Bastardo at Phillies Phestival 2014
  • 2014-phillies-phestival-60
  • Larry Andersen at Phillies Phestival 2014
  • 2014-phillies-phestival-kicks2-44
  • 2014-phillies-phestival-kicks2-48
  • Cody Asche shares a laugh with Chuck Morris at Phillies Phestival for ALS in 2014.

The 2014 Phillies Phestival was attended by over 7,000 fan that were able to take part in an up close and personal experience with the Phillies. The event featured 26 autograph stations, photo booths with Chase Utley and Ryne Sandberg, a Bullpen Throw session, a silent auction, and plenty of games and entertainment, including Grab Bags filled with a variety of memorabilia.   The chance to throw off the bullpen mound was new in 2014 and was wildly popular. The 2014 Phillies players and coaching staff, as well as the broadcast crew, the players’ and coaches’ wives and the Phillies front office and day of game employees, were on hand to lend their support.  ALS patients and their families were also at the ballpark to enjoy the festivities and take part in a private meet and greet with the players.

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By: Tony Romeo / PHL17
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