PHOTOS: Phillies Opening Day 2014 Festivities

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In the 10 years that they have been calling Citizens Bank Park home, the Philadelphia Phillies have taken Opening Day to levels seen in few other baseball cities.  Block parties, rock bands, parades, zip lines, Phillies Alumni, Leap Frogs, marching bands and more.  Here’s some photos of the pre-game sites and sounds at Opening Day 2014 at Citizens Bank Park as the Phillies open their season at home.  My favorite part is the the parade the Phillies take up 10th Street before they enter the stadium.  It’s great to see the new squad for the first time, moments before the season begins against the skyline of our great city!

  • 2014-Phillies-Opener-5
  • 2014-Phillies-Opener-6
  • m-2014-Phillies-Opener-2-12
  • 2014-Phillies-Opener-9
  • 2014-Phillies-Opener-10
  • m-2014-Phillies-Opener-2-13
  • m-2014-Phillies-Opener-2-3
  • m-2014-Phillies-Opener-2-4
  • m-2014-Phillies-Opener-2-7
  • m-2014-Phillies-Opener-2-8
  • more-2014-Phillies-Opener-2-3
  • more-2014-Phillies-Opener-2-2
  • more-2014-Phillies-Opener-2
  • 2014-Phillies-Opener-2
  • m-2014-Phillies-Opener-2-9
  • 2014-Phillies-Opener-4
  • m-2014-Phillies-Opener-2-11
  • m-2014-Phillies-Opener-2-10
  • m-2014-Phillies-Opener-2
  • m-2014-Phillies-Opener-2-6
  • m-2014-Phillies-Opener-2-5
  • 2014-Phillies-Opener-3
  • 2014-Phillies-Opener-11
  • 2014-Phillies-Opener-8
  • 2014-Phillies-Opener-7
  • m-2014-Phillies-Opener-2-2
  • 2014-Phillies-Opener



By: Tony Romeo / PHL17
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