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Monster Mania-0070

Monster-Mania Con is a semi-annual Philadelphia horror film and memorabilia convention held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill NJ. Monster-Mania 25 was held August 16-18th and featured celebrities appearances from Christopher Lloyd, Carrie, Danny Glover and many more.  Guests enjoyed autograph signings, photo ops and endless rows of merchandise from their favorite horror movies and television.

  • Monster Mania-0010
  • Monster Mania-0011
  • Monster Mania-0014
  • Monster Mania-0018
  • Monster Mania-0024
  • Monster Mania-0026
  • Monster Mania-0030
  • Monster Mania-0033
  • Monster Mania-0037
  • Monster Mania-0047
  • Monster Mania-0054
  • Monster Mania-0057
  • Monster Mania-0062
  • Monster Mania-0063
  • Monster Mania-0065
  • Monster Mania-0066
  • Monster Mania-0068
  • Monster Mania-0075
  • Monster Mania-0081
  • Monster Mania-0086
  • Monster Mania-0091
  • Monster Mania-0092
  • Monster Mania-0094
  • Monster Mania-0100
  • Monster Mania-0103
  • Monster Mania-0123
  • Monster Mania-0127
  • Monster Mania-0120
  • Monster Mania-0105
  • Monster Mania-0110
  • Monster Mania-0039
  • Monster Mania-0116
  • Monster Mania-0077
  • Monster Mania-0013

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