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Although I had perfect light, perfect equipment and perfect access…the K-9 Schultz Police Memorial the Gloucester Township Police Department gave for their fallen police dog was the most difficult thing I have ever shot.  My work shoots are usually sports or the quirky offbeat fun stuff.

But this memorial was something much different.  It was a beautiful and touching tribute to a police dog that had me fighting back tears most of the day. I only hope I did justice to the amazing job the GTPD, the public, and fellow police departments did honoring Schultz the K-9 that was killed in service to his department.

The gallery I shot for WPHL, below, has set many records for material on our site and that restores my faith in humanity.  I love the fun stuff I do, the offbeat, the etc. and they all do well, but it was nice to see something like this do as well as it did.   The feedback I got was very, very touching.  It’s pretty cool to go to Facebook and see someone you know, barely know, or don’t know at all, post a content item of yours and start heartfelt discussion because of it.   And that happened more with this story than any other.