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Picture your beloved Double Dare, but with beer.  Beginning June 5, Frankford Hall in Philadelphia and original show host, Marc Summers, celebrated Philadelphia Beer Week with a 3 night event they called Dunkel Dare. Inspired by Double Dare, the Nickelodeon game show that launched Summer’s career, Dunkel Dare, battled breweries including Yards, Victory, Sly Fox and Great Lakes against one another in attempts to win placement on Frankford Halls draft list for a year.   Keeping in mind that the only place in Philadelphia that serves more beer than Frankford Hall is the stadiums, draft placement is a kegtastic prize.  Almost as kegtastic as the bragging rights that go along with winning the inaugural Dunkel Dare.

Marc Summers was phenomenal and still looks and sounds great as does original show announcer John “Harvey” Harvey.  Harvey now a handyman by trade said it was only recently that he finally ran out of the show supplied Reeboks.  The grown up tweens that met the two 80s icons reveled in the moment with excitement that was palpable.  The lines for photo ops stretched the length of Frankford Hall.  The show took on a slightly more adult tone as beer was involved, but it was still classic Double Dare type fun.  Summers, still with his classic delivery, seemed to be having as much fun with it as the packed Frankford Hall crowd.  “You guys were smarter when you where ten!” Summers joked as a contestant struggled with directions at one point.  Photos from Dunkel Dare 2012 below.

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Teams from each brewery participated in a Q&A competition as well as competed in messy physical challenges in attempts to win. Questions included matters such as beer makings, history and culture. Each team received two ten-minute rounds of questions. The breweries either answered the questions for a $10 prize, or dared the other team to answer the same question for an upgraded prize of $20. If after that the other team could not answer, they had the option to Double Dare it back for $40 or take a “physical challenge” for the same amount if completed. Challenges included: Rubber Ducky Dunk, Paper Airplane Challenge and Back-to-Back with Rubber Ball.

The second round was a beer tasting match up. Contestants tasted various styles of beers from either a German brewery or an American brewery and were asked to identify both the style and nationality. The winning team faced an obstacle course comprised of six stations, each hosting a flag that had to be grabbed in order to win a prize. The stations resembled rope climb, foam/popcorn pit, and a Sundae Slide.

The event also included a live band as well as the well known classic props such as the giant nose and of course, green slime.


PHL17 will air video coverage of this event Thursday, June 14th, 2012 on Eye Opener (6am-8am).

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