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Darren Daulton, former Philadelphia Phillies all-star catcher, addressed the Philadelphia media on Friday.  This was Daulton’s first appearance since before his brain cancer surgery in July.  “Dutch” as Daulton is affectionately called by fans and teammates is battling an aggressive form of cancer, but not giving up hope and was very happy to be back in Philadelphia.

“”All I’ve spoken about Philadelphia for many years is, I feel like it’s my home, and it feels like it’s my family,” he said.

Daulton also expressed that he is having some difficulty with memory and speech at certain times, but was in great spirits.  As were the media that covered him over the years.  Daulton hugged Scott Palmer and “Video” Dan Baker, congratulated Paul Hagen on his induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame and shook lots of hands as he entered and as he left.  He saved his biggest goodbye for the broadcast team of Gary Matthews, Larry Anderson and Chris Wheeler.  He was supported by his girlfriend Amanda Dick on the podium.  He will be supported by Philadelphia fans throughout the Phillies Alumni week festivities and throughout his recovery.  Right On, Fight On, Dutch!