PHOTOS: Before & After at Eastern State Penn

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Terror Behind the Walls, the nation’s number one haunted attraction, will soon kick off its 2013 season. Stay tuned to PHL17.COM for more info and lots of cool features like this one, this one and of course this one!  Here’s some before and after shots of the award winning make up staff from last year.  Let’s see if they can top that this year.

wphl-photos-terror-behind-the-walls-at-eastern-002wphl-photos-terror-behind-the-walls-at-eastern-001 wphl-photos-terror-behind-the-walls-at-eastern-003 wphl-photos-terror-behind-the-walls-at-eastern-004  wphl-photos-terror-behind-the-walls-at-eastern-048   wphl-photos-terror-behind-the-walls-at-eastern-052wphl-photos-terror-behind-the-walls-at-eastern-049  wphl-photos-terror-behind-the-walls-at-eastern-053wphl-photos-terror-behind-the-walls-at-eastern-050 wphl-photos-terror-behind-the-walls-at-eastern-054wphl-photos-terror-behind-the-walls-at-eastern-051 wphl-photos-terror-behind-the-walls-at-eastern-055

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