PHOTOS: 2015 Ugly Sweater Run 5k Philadelphia

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The winner for the ugliest sweater (in my opinion) goes to…. Bigfoot Santa in a bikini! See photos below.

There was a huge turnout in Fairmount Park for this year’s Ugly Sweater Run. Participants ran this 3.1 mile course wearing their most hideous or most awesome holiday sweater. Afterwards runners were treated to hot cocoa and or adult beverages.  Tune in to PHL17 Morning News Dec 21. at 5:30 am for more!

Ugly-Sweater-Run-December 19, 2015-0772Ugly-Sweater-Run-December 19, 2015-0959
Ugly-Sweater-Run-December 19, 2015-0891Ugly-Sweater-Run-December 19, 2015-0852Ugly-Sweater-Run-December 19, 2015-0729Ugly-Sweater-Run-December 19, 2015-0652
Ugly-Sweater-Run-December 19, 2015-0547Ugly-Sweater-Run-December 19, 2015-0376Ugly-Sweater-Run-December 19, 2015-0298Ugly-Sweater-Run-December 19, 2015-0296Ugly-Sweater-Run-December 19, 2015-1276
Ugly-Sweater-Run-December 19, 2015-1109Ugly-Sweater-Run-December 19, 2015-1059Ugly-Sweater-Run-December 19, 2015-1042

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